Small Business Consulting

At Business Modification Group we specialize in small business consulting. We work one on one with our clients to help them propel their businesses to new levels. Having owned multiple businesses in the past we understand the frustrations that many business owners face, and we also understand how great it can be when a business is running at its optimal level.  It can truly be life changing.

When we partner with our small business consulting clients we identify areas of weakness – areas that can be improved – areas of untapped profits that are lying there just waiting to be capitalized on, picked up, and deposited in the company’s bank account.

In the initial phase of our relationship with our small business consulting clients we do extensive research into not only their business, but their competitors as well, so that we have a clear understanding of what is working well in their business and what areas can be improved upon.

The second phase of our relationship with our small business consulting clients is what we call implementation. In this step, we design an exact plan that will allow our clients to minimize their expenses, drastically improve client/customer acquisition, improve client/customer retention, and dramatically improve the “lifetime value” of each customer. The purpose of this phase is to put more money into your pocket.

In this phase, you are not left alone. We work hand in hand with our small business consulting clients throughout each step to ensure things are being done correctly, and that we are achieving the results we desire.

The final phase in our small business consulting is the maintenance of the plans we designed. We continue to work hand in hand with our clients to ensure all results are being achieved and any changes that are necessary are made.

Many other small business consultants simply make general recommendations for your business and it becomes your responsibility to implement them.  We realize that as a business owner or manager, your plate is already full. We fully believe that by working side by side with our small business consulting clients we are able to achieve maximum bottom line results in the shortest amount of time.

We also believe that hiring a small business consultant should be an investment that you can see verifiable results with, not an additional expense to your business. For that reason we have a no risk guarantee. If we do not achieve the results we set out to achieve in our very first meeting, you owe us nothing; we are that confident in the immediate changes we can make to your business and your life.

We offer an initial complementary consultation to determine two things:

  1. How much of an impact can we make in your business?
  2. Would we be a good fit working with one another?

In that initial meeting we can review various parts to your business and answer any immediate questions that you have.

Contact our office at (863)990-9858 to schedule your complementary consultation, or email Patrick Lange at